About St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Saint Stephens Episcopal Church is committed to proclaiming the good news of Christ to all people in the areas of influence that God gives and called us into. This is a church where Christ is shared through one’s personal testimony of salvation, life experience, healing or deliverance. We endeavor to prepare everyone (all age groups) to proclaim the gospel by giving them a good foundation through bible studies , prayers meetings, singles and couple miniseries, workshops and seminars through out the year in an effective soul winning and reaching out to the community. This is a church where members are encourage, empower, equip to make the effort in living the preached word through our lifestyles wherever we may go by verbal witness in the church, on the streets, at home, at work. What unites us here in Saint Stephens is our common heritage in God through the blood of Jesus. We endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace and love to reach out to one another.


A Highly Motivated Priest, Seasoned Preacher, Visionary Leader, Pastoral Counselor, Church Builder, Funds Raiser, Studious Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Retreat Conductor, Substance Abuse Counselor, School Social Worker with skills in Management, Organization, Administration, Leadership and Relationship- Building, Author. Learn More.

Together we can make a POSITIVE difference in our Church and in the Community. Let us all empower, equip, educate and encouraged one other for God’s mission and for the good of the faith community.– Hector Sintim Priest

Did You Know?

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church was the first church Bishop Michael Curry was the priest.

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Loving, Liberating and Life-giving

We’re following Jesus into loving, liberating and life-giving relationship with God, with each other and with the earth.

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