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Come; let us create a new Saint Stephen’s

My dear family parishioners,

Peace and love from God to you all. I hope your year is going on well with you.  It is with sincere heart that l come to you today with an invitation from God, calling on you to come back to God in creating a NEW SAINT STEPHEN’S.

As I open my palm to look at my fingers, I see that each one of them is different in size, shape, height.  Each finger has their own talents and gifts and has different functions.  They are not always in agreement.  They do not always work together.  Sometimes they come into conflict in the performance of their individual duties or use of gifts.  They are at different levels yet they are joined together to one hand that makes them function together and united.  This reminds me of Saint Stephen’s.  Though we come to church as a group yet we might be at different levels individually.  Some of us are set in our own ways, act and do things different.  Others look and understand things from different perspectives in the use of our talents and gifts and in the performance of our duties.  Many times, we have run into conflicts, experience misgivings, taken things too personal or others have taken our actions or words too personal.  Some of us, our words and acts have been misconstrued.  Some of us have been alienated, experienced some bitterness, historically or presently, that has let us questioned our presence at Saint Stephen’s thus distancing ourselves from the church.  Others, we have questioned our faith in God due to life’s circumstance. Some of us have been attacked, insulted, ignored and disrespected.

Dearly beloved, putting all our past differences, bitterness, pain, regrets, “Let us shun all of this: let’s make all the efforts to forgive one another, reconciled with one another just as Christ has done for us, pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith’ 1 Timothy 6:11-12a and come join me in carrying out a new vision for Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church.

My vision is for Saint Stephen’s is for it to become a Church with a vision – being a vibrant, active and diverse congregation.

To become a community of faith rooted in worship, fellowship, diversity, witness, spiritual development, service and justice.

To become a Vision Church whose congregation offers all people the opportunity to explore and discover their destiny within the context of a safe and nurturing Christ-centered community.

To become a church which is Christ-centered, people-focused and vision-driven for all people, called to speak to this generation.

To become not only a place of worship but a loving church where all people can come for fellowship, grow in Christ and become transformed so that they might transform their world.

To become a faith community where our beliefs, where our hearts for the future and the details of our ministry are designed to help all those who enter our building build a strong and healthy life. 

My vision is for Saint Stephen’s to become a Welcoming church and a Spiritual home to all, committed to love and appreciation of others.

With this, l respectfully appeal and call on you in the name of God, to put all of our past behind us and start everything anew.  I call upon everyone to take up their mantle of faith for us to move and work together in moving the church forward.

 Come let us reason together, worship and work together young and old, far and near ……Come for God needs you at Saint Stephens.

Together we can make a POSITIVE difference in our Church and in the Community.  Let us all empower, equip, educate and encouraged one other for God’s mission and for the good of the faith community.