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St. Stephen’s was founded in 1909, through the efforts of a dedicated and faithful group. The first church building was located on the campus of Slater Industrial and Normal School, which would later become Winston-Salem State University. In 1926 the church moved to make way for the burgeoning University, and has been a staple in East Winston ever since. Since its humble inception. St. Stephen’s has gone through many seasons of change. From its first priest-in-charge, Rev. J.K. Satterwhite, to our current priestin-charge, Rev. Dr. Hector Sintim, St. Stephen’s has cultivated a Lush and thriving garden on hard work in the community, fellowship within our family and with our neighbors, and charity those in need.

St. Stephens, being a full member of the Episcopal Church, is supported by the hard work and constant ministry of several guilds, in the Anglican tradition. Throughout our 100 year history, the following guilds have worked tirelessly to increase the flock of Jesus Christ through programs and initiatives that support our members and neighbors:

Acolyte Guild – St. Stephens, being a full member of the Episcopal Church, is supported by the hard work and constant ministry of several guilds, in the Anglican tradition. Throughout our 100 year history, the following guilds have worked tirelessly to increase the flock of Jesus Christ through programs and initiatives that support our members and neighbors:

The Alter Guild – The Altar Guild consists of a dedicated and passionate group of parishioners that support our liturgical services through the ministry of preparing and maintaining the sanctuary, vessels and vestments used at the altar, and decorations throughout the nave. Members are trained and assigned to a rotating team that works with the rector to ensure the continuity of the weekly and seasonal services and special celebrations.

The Young Adult Ministry (YAMS) – The Young Adult Ministry of St. Stephen’s supports a multigenerational ministry of fellowship, volunteerism, and Christian growth. We strive to bridge the gap between our church elders and our adolescents by taking the wisdom learned from those who came before us, developing evangelists and leaders amongst our peers, and mentoring the youth.

The Vestry of an Episcopal Church is a board of directors for the the parish church. It owns the worldly goods of the church, holding them in trust for the members of the church. It is responsible for raising money to sustain the church, clergy, and it’s work and is also responsible for deciding how that money will be spent. Since the congregation is headed by a priest in charge, it is subject to pretty fair degree of control from the bishop of the diocese. The Vestry’s ministry is to take care of the church’s temporal things. The challenge is to discover the spiritual underpinnings of such worldly work. Vestry members are generally thought of as leaders in their congregation, yet the work they are called to do comprises the least glamorous and most back breaking tasks that have to be performed for a congregation — the jobs no one else want to do, the problems no one else wants to tackle.

Service Ministry – Eric Sadler “ Minister to Humanity through Selfless Service to the Community” Vision: The service committee is charged with organizing and recruiting members of the congregation to serve the community, the church, and God through volunteer programs and special church activities. We seek to express the messages and vision that God places in our lives through ministry and service. In addition to the programs and initiatives held at St. Stephen’s, the service committee coordinates joint outreach activities with St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem; and St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem. The service committee hosts the following yearly fellowship activities: · Pentecost Sunday Dinner · Annual church picnic · Jesus’ Birthday Dinner The service committee organizes the following outreach projects: Crisis Control Ministry “Gift of the Month” Food pantry Samaritan Ministries Penny Campaign Thanksgiving adopt-a-family food collection

Worship Ministry – Demetria Nickens Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ” Vision: The worship committee is charged with preparing the congregation to teach the word of Jesus Christ. We teach the word and proclaim the gospel through Sunday services, mid-week service, bible study, and by assisting the Rector in setting and maintaining the reverent and worshipful atmosphere and environment, to enhance congregant’s worship experience. Worship is the heart of the church family, and the worship committee hosts the following yearly liturgical activities to enhance our worship experience: · Advent study series · Lenten study series In addition to the priest-in-charge, the worship committee consists of the Choir president, the Minister of music, the Acolyte warden, the Alter Guild chair, the Usher board president, and a representative of the Lay Eucharistic Ministers.

Education Ministry – Cecil Haynes  “Discipleship through Vision, Faith, and Knowledge” Vision: The education committee is charged with promoting a strong foundation in Christ through adult and youth programs. We strive to implement programs for parishioners of all ages that focus on the lectionary year study and promote Christian and scholastic academic achievement. The gospel of Jesus Christ is our blueprint for survival and success, and the foundation we build with Christian education programs that promote Holy Scripture, church history, and the apostolic traditions of the Church gives us the strength to do the work that God has called us to do in our community. The education committee hosts the following educational activities: · Bible Study · Vacation Bible School · Recognition Sunday The education committee organizes the following youth-oriented projects: Youth Sunday (3rd Sunday of the Month) Black History Month Observance Stations of the Cross (Lent)

Evangelism Ministry – Sylvia Sprinkle Hamlin  “Be a Beacon for Others in their Search for Christ” Vision: The evangelism committee is charged with equipping the congregation with the tools needed to spread the word of God. Each of us is called to live a life that displays God’s love for us, His endless mercy, and His continued blessings in our lives. As baptized members of the Body of Christ, we are gifted by the Holy Spirit for ministry and service as an outward manifestation of the messages and vision God placed in our loves. We are called to use the gifts given to us to “Proclaim the good news!” and reach out and touch the lives of wayward and lost souls.

Pastoral Care Ministry – Carrie Worsley  “In Times of Need, the Community Responds” Vision: The pastoral care committee is charged with organizing the resources of the church to identify and meet the needs of members. We work to assist the sick and shut-in members of our congregation. Members of the pastoral care committee make phone inquiries and in-person visits to provide comfort, assistance and fellowship to our homebound, sick, and needy members. St. Stephens has worked to develop a “circle of friends” to address the needs of our member from generation to generation. The pastoral care committee works tirelessly to minister to our members in times of celebration and condolence.

Stewardship Ministry – Patrice Toney “Submitting Ourselves through the Generous Donation of Our Time, Talents, and Treasury” Vision: The stewardship committee is charged with organizing and recruiting members of the congregation to donate their time, talents, and blessings in generous service to the community, in honor of their gifts from God. We recognize that you can give without loving, but know that it is impossible to love without giving.

The mission of the ECW is to provide spiritual and social support and activities for the women of the parish. The members of the ECW are assigned to one of four guilds; St. Mary’s Guild, St. Cecilia’s Guild, St. Anne’s Guild, and St. Agnes’ Guild. The ECW meets monthly on the second Saturday.

In addition to providing meals during the weekly Lenten and Advent study series, the ECW hosts the following annual programs:

  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
  • Women’s Day Weekend Celebration
  • Family Fun Night
  • Fall Bazaar

The ECW supports the following Episcopal outreach projects:

  • United Thank Offering
  • Missionary Christmas Fund
  • Epiphany Offering
  • Church Periodical Club
  • St. Augustine’s College Chapel Fund
  • Thompson Children’s Home
  • Harris Evans Scholarship

Additionally, contributions are made to the following community outreach organizations:

  • Crisis Control
  • Samaritan Kitchen
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hosanna House
  • Salvation Army