Quite too soon, it is another season of Advent which can be the coming of or arrival of someone or something extremely special. It is a season of expectation of a savior who is come to prepare us for the kingdom of God. It is a time of prayer, penitence and fasting among many saints. To most Christians, it is a time of joy because a Savior is going to be born and bring joy to the world. Thus, according to the great book, we are being admonished to rejoice always. This poses very difficult question for most people in this crucial period in the lives of most people. Question of been asked, like How can one rejoice when they are struggling, when they are face with all the vessituteties in life. When their world in which they live is constituted with many dissimilar elements. When life to most people, is an embodiment of all social evil. When all they read in the newspapers or on the news they hear from the media and TV they watch are full of negative reflections on life.